Redefining The Creative Process

The ongoing conversation and dialogue that take place as a result of the creative process is the method by which focus on self shifts to focus on connecting to and making sense of the world; It is in this way art-making is therapeutic, the creative process is transformative, and engaging with others is what makes it dynamic.

The Lightbulb Moment

The Lightbulb Moment is about that flash of recognition, the moment when all the ducks line up and you are hit with an understanding that feels like truth.

The Mind is a Difficult Thing to Love

The manner in which we conduct ourselves in relationship to one another when our heads and our hearts are at war is a complicated dance of conscious and subconscious attempts to exert control and manipulate as we each try to get our needs met. When we don’t slow down to assess and openly discuss the truth in our hearts or the battle of wits going on in our heads, we don’t offer one another the chance to truly connect, to truly be accepted for who we are.

Cave Digger: A Testimony to the Creative Process

A documentary filmmaker followed a self-taught cave-digger for a period of three years. The result was so astounding that the film was nominated for an Academy Award. Ra Paulette digs cathedral-like art caves into the sandstone cliffs of Northern New Mexico. Each creation, made with nothing more than hand tools, takes him years to complete…

Mandala Series Part I: History and Cross-Cultural Use of the Mandala

From a historical, anthropological and purely aesthetic point of view, the mandala is a complex instrument that has been used for centuries by peoples of various cultures worldwide. Though the use of the mandala, its purpose, meaning, symbolism, and overall aesthetic vary drastically from culture to culture, the underlying intention of the mandala as representation of the self seems to be universal.

Tell me what you see…

I had a most interesting exchange with a friend regarding a painting I made this week. This exchange (included below) has led me to be quite curious about what might happen were I to post an image…and then let viewers comment about what they see in the image.  No two responses would be alike, I’m…

The Art of Discernment and the Beauty of Bad Decision-Making

We have all made bad decisions. From the most seemingly insignificant decisions (Do I turn left or right?) to the life-altering ones (Should I stay or should I go?); the decisions we make shape our lives and the lives of those around us. Now, let’s be clear: when it comes down to brass tacks, there really are…

Idealization, Devaluation and Ambivalence

An deep-rooted fear of separation leads to withholding, uncertainty and lack of presence in relationships. The result is a feeling of ambivalence or indecision about the “other” that can lead to anxiety and a sense of deprivation if not resolved.

Anima 101- A Basic Introduction

The anima, a Jungian concept, is a personification of all feminine psychological tendencies in a man’s psyche and may manifest as vague feelings or moods, prophetic hunches, capacity for personal love, feeling for nature and is directly connected to his relationship to the unconscious. The character of a man’s anima is shaped by his mother….

The Wolfpack Mentality and the Rise of the Alpha Female

The female alphas indoctrinated and imprisoned by false beliefs cannot remain so for long and will eventually fight their way out of captivity to reclaim what is rightfully theirs: their identity, their strength, their independence, their birthright.

Reshaping Concepts: The Great Purgation

  If you’ve been following my blog as of late, it might seem as though I’ve been overly (or overtly?) prolific with the flurry of posts that have been published since the beginning of the year. Because it is a personal goal to eventually do something more productive, informative and therapy-focused using this platform, it is exciting…