Tell me what you see…

I had a most interesting exchange with a friend regarding a painting I made this week. This exchange (included below) has led me to be quite curious about what might happen were I to post an image…and then let viewers comment about what they see in the image.  No two responses would be alike, I’m certain of it.

I’d like to know what it is YOU see. There are no right or wrong answers!!

The image:

tell me what you see...
tell me what you see…

My friend’s comments on the painting:

“A windblown tree of life rooted in rapids, no solid ground to be found, with a vortex backdrop threatening to wrest it from its place and bring it who knows where. This is chaos- yet I see hope in the tree itself, having learned to bend with the wind, should it survive the flood the whirlwind will have no power over her. Love it.”

My response:

What a lovely comment…thank you. You are touching on a most fascinating subject close to my heart; the canvas as a mirror to the soul. A work of art acts as a mirror, reflecting back to the viewer his or her own subconscious projections. Similarly to how we project onto others our own wants, desires, and expectations, we view a work of art with our own perceptions of reality and life as we know it. That which we have personally experienced permeates our entire perception of the world around us; we are a walking, talking construct of perceptions and contradictions. 
What I see when I look at this tree is that the roots are firmly planted in the earth just below the water’s depth. Just because you cannot see them does not mean they don’t exist. The sky is not a vortex threatening to wrest the tree from its place but a distant galaxy… a representation of the heavens, the unknown and all we cannot see with our limited human perception. This tree is rooted in its place; bending, adapting and gracefully stretching as the cool rush of consciousness washes over it again and again, it’s golden branches casting a luminous glow and holding steadfast in its position.”

So, PLEASE!! Comment below. I’d like to see if people find this concept of the canvas as a mirror (for both the viewer as well as the creator) to be of interest.

Thank you!




  1. Lovely, Amy!! The sky is hope or, at least, that’s what my mind’s eye sees! 🙂 I hadn’t considered the tree from the perspective of being beneath the waves so that is unique! Thank you!


  2. Amy Campion says:

    The wavey water and the bended boughs speak of a storm to me, and yet the spiral itself in intrinsically hopeful. At first, yes, it is a tree in a storm, but the water and the spiral took me deeper, and made me think perhaps it is not a tree, but seaweed, deep beneath the waves, and here we are down below, gazing through the torid waters to the stars and moon way beyond… perhaps that is the hope?

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  3. hmmm… embryonic?! That is most interesting. I didn’t see that.. but I can certainly see it now. Interesting. Embryo = beginning of life. We also have a tree of life.. and, of course, water is the source of all life. Beginnings. I like it!! 😉


  4. Hmmm… I think you just helped me title my painting… “Dark Night”. I’ve been toying with the idea of exploring the topic of the “Dark Night of the Soul” for some time (among other scattered thoughts and ideas for topics of interest). I guess I’ve just come to realize that this painting represents my dark night… a journey inward.. to let go of all that I “think” I know. I know nothing. The more I say, the more ridiculous I sound. 😉

    It’s so interesting how what we know and experience shapes our perception of everything around us. 🙂 Thank you for the response.

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