Tell Me What You See #5

I see trees dancing in the newness of springtime rain; bending, stretching, growing.


What do you see?



  1. toomajj says:

    Since they’re one and the same and only apparently separate, I’d say it could be either one. 🙂

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  2. Ooh! Interesting! Is the tree of life or the tree of knowledge the one in the shadow?

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  3. Trees have a life expectancy that far exceeds our own…so I see the trees as living but, because their rate of growth is so gradual, they are somewhat frozen in time. They have been together for decades, perhaps lifetimes; growing together, rooting deeper and deeper into the soil, intertwining and enmeshed but each maintaining a separate identity. So, yes, the trees are a metaphor for people. But, in my mind, they are a living representation of what we strive for in our human relationships.

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  4. toomajj says:

    I see the tree of knowledge and the tree of life at the center of the garden of Eden before the Fall, the two being one and the same until Adam made a choice, chose knowledge over immortality. 🙂

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  5. I see the trees as people. The shapes of the lives they are. Yes, they’re dancing in the rain, reflected in a single drop. That’s how I can see them even though my back is to them, as they will only come to life when no one is watching.

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