Reshaping Concepts: The Great Purgation

  If you’ve been following my blog as of late, it might seem as though I’ve been overly (or overtly?) prolific with the flurry of posts that have been published since the beginning of the year. Because it is a personal goal to eventually do something more productive, informative and therapy-focused using this platform, it is exciting to me that I have already doubled my January stats from 2015 with 138 visitors and more than double that # of total views. Yay! 🙂

I find it greatly encouraging to know I have a somewhat steady (albeit small) stream of readers at this point. (Thank you!) The reality of my post schedule (or lack thereof, actually) is that I am cranking out post after post to try to declutter the “drafts” that have been in the works for some time. Sometimes, I work on a post when I’m inspired to or when I’m driven to… (and, yes, there is a distinction. Maybe I’ll draft another post to work on for another six months or so to explain that methodology.)

Much to my own amusement (and amazement), interest seems to have increased with the tone of some posts taking on a more “snarky” approach. Some of my more snarky posts were started quite a long time ago and I’ve not been able to crank them out until recently. Likely, that’s because I’m a perfectionist. Maybe that means I need to let my hair down a little more often. 😉

While posts on the “dark” matter of relationships seem to get a lot of interest, please know that that the subject matter and/or tone of my posts is merely reflective of my thought process as it pertains to the creative process in healing trauma, using creativity to understand the “self” and transcending existential angst via exploratory forms of expression. Many recent posts are re-visited ideas of incomplete thoughts from years ago, only recently put into writing, and I am merely putting a fresh spin on things with some new perspective.

In making so many posts on heavy, relationship-focused themes lately, (emotional manipulation, narcissism and cognitive dissonance to name a few), I am merely following through with the first of several New Years resolutions for 2016- clearing the clutter, finishing what I started and following through. Much like one of my unfinished creative arts projects, my blog posts evolve over time and I don’t necessarily post things immediately because my ideas haven’t solidified or the words just don’t come to me…

So, now I’m gonna “out” myself by saying: although it might make for entertaining fodder, not all posts are a reflection of current happenings in my life but are an amalgam of concepts blended together over time. My life simply is not that interesting. Haha! 😉

The image below is a screen shot from posts in my “drafts” queue. There were 27 at the beginning of 2016 and now I am already down to only 19. Progress! As you can see, some of my drafts were started as far back as 292 days ago… Still working on that!!

A goal for 2016 is to not let my drafted posts remain in draft status for more than a month. While it’s important to make sure content is reflective of my best effort, I believe it’s more important to keep things consistent and fresh. so, without further ado… Out with the old in with the new! 

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting my little blogging hobby with your readership, likes and messages! 🙂