Redefining The Creative Process

The ongoing conversation and dialogue that take place as a result of the creative process is the method by which focus on self shifts to focus on connecting to and making sense of the world; It is in this way art-making is therapeutic, the creative process is transformative, and engaging with others is what makes it dynamic.

The Wolfpack Mentality and the Rise of the Alpha Female

The female alphas indoctrinated and imprisoned by false beliefs cannot remain so for long and will eventually fight their way out of captivity to reclaim what is rightfully theirs: their identity, their strength, their independence, their birthright.

The Insidious Nature of Emotional Abuse

If something feels off, why, then do people remain in relationships that are unfulfilling, crazy-making and potentially (most likely) destructive? Because we all want love. Sometimes, we want love so badly we question our own perceptions and that is enough to allow the insidious nature of emotional abuse to take hold of us.

The Greatest Thing I’ve Never Written

We seek to steady ourselves with egocentric pursuits in a futile effort to separate from the herd and disappear into it simultaneously…we expand outwardly and separately away from one another, in a constant state of uncontrollable motion and eternal chaos, grasping for one another in the darkness as we furtively conceal ourselves behind masks of guilt, ego and shame. What is it that has you running circles inside your head? Do you even know anymore?

The Mind is a Difficult Thing to Love

The manner in which we conduct ourselves in relationship to one another when our heads and our hearts are at war is a complicated dance of conscious and subconscious attempts to exert control and manipulate as we each try to get our needs met. When we don’t slow down to assess and openly discuss the truth in our hearts or the battle of wits going on in our heads, we don’t offer one another the chance to truly connect, to truly be accepted for who we are.

On Being Naked

  I often ponder the subject of nakedness; what it means to be naked, what it feels like to be naked, and why being naked is such a big freaking deal to some people. How is it some of us are able to be so fully free with ourselves and be so fully in our…