The Wolfpack Mentality and the Rise of the Alpha Female

The female alphas indoctrinated and imprisoned by false beliefs cannot remain so for long and will eventually fight their way out of captivity to reclaim what is rightfully theirs: their identity, their strength, their independence, their birthright.

The Greatest Thing I’ve Never Written

We seek to steady ourselves with egocentric pursuits in a futile effort to separate from the herd and disappear into it simultaneously…we expand outwardly and separately away from one another, in a constant state of uncontrollable motion and eternal chaos, grasping for one another in the darkness as we furtively conceal ourselves behind masks of guilt, ego and shame. What is it that has you running circles inside your head? Do you even know anymore?

On Being Naked

  I often ponder the subject of nakedness; what it means to be naked, what it feels like to be naked, and why being naked is such a big freaking deal to some people. How is it some of us are able to be so fully free with ourselves and be so fully in our…

The Answer for Every Question You’ve Ever Had in Your Entire Life……

…there really is no such thing as “I”. There is no “self”. There is no “you” or “me”. There is only one universal consciousness. We are all one. We are all made of stars… we are stardust… we are mandalas at the most microscopic and macrocosmic level. All of life is cyclical and we are all part and parcel to the great big comedy of errors we call “existence”….

Part of My Journey: A Girl Becoming…

I stumbled upon a post by a fellow blogger, David J. Rogers titled Steps to Becoming a Successful Artist and Writer. I found the post to be quite interesting so I started to contemplate my own development as an artist.