The Greatest Thing I’ve Never Written

We seek to steady ourselves with egocentric pursuits in a futile effort to separate from the herd and disappear into it simultaneously…we expand outwardly and separately away from one another, in a constant state of uncontrollable motion and eternal chaos, grasping for one another in the darkness as we furtively conceal ourselves behind masks of guilt, ego and shame. What is it that has you running circles inside your head? Do you even know anymore?

Tell Me What You See #4

I just doodled this last night so it’s a work-in-progress (aren’t they all?) but please tell me what you see…

Discovering My Inner Genius: What Happens When I Actually Listen to Myself Speak

From time to time, I find myself amazed at some of the things that seem to fall out of my mouth when responding to clients or that I later read in one of my notebooks. While I am continually practicing my listening skills and honing my skills as a therapist, I am also working on myself. I am a bookworm and I put just as much effort and energy into developing my professional skills as I do trying to decode the enigma that is my own existence.

A Much-Needed Serendipitous Excerpt from a Random Book

In the ultimate “Hail Mary Pass” to get me out of my own cycle of repetitious thinking, the Universe simply plopped a book at my feet containing a passage for me to read that would correct my course and steer me in the “right” direction.