The Greatest Thing I’ve Never Written

We seek to steady ourselves with egocentric pursuits in a futile effort to separate from the herd and disappear into it simultaneously…we expand outwardly and separately away from one another, in a constant state of uncontrollable motion and eternal chaos, grasping for one another in the darkness as we furtively conceal ourselves behind masks of guilt, ego and shame. What is it that has you running circles inside your head? Do you even know anymore?

Mandala Series Part I: History and Cross-Cultural Use of the Mandala

From a historical, anthropological and purely aesthetic point of view, the mandala is a complex instrument that has been used for centuries by peoples of various cultures worldwide. Though the use of the mandala, its purpose, meaning, symbolism, and overall aesthetic vary drastically from culture to culture, the underlying intention of the mandala as representation of the self seems to be universal.

On Being Naked

  I often ponder the subject of nakedness; what it means to be naked, what it feels like to be naked, and why being naked is such a big freaking deal to some people. How is it some of us are able to be so fully free with ourselves and be so fully in our…

Tell me what you see #10

I thought I’d shake things up a bit and make #10 one of my three-dimensional creations. I’m really curious to see what people see in this piece. I was totally going with the flow and just pulled it together. I wasn’t consciously thinking about anything…but I was listening to some podcast-like programming whilst working on this,…

Tell me what you see #7 (Before & After)

I think the more detailed, patterned images like these are more difficult to discuss, as the repetitious design is so overpowering that any perceived meaning may be lost. What do you think? Tell me what you see in this image: P.S. This type of doodle is an example of the mini-mandalas that I find I am inclined to…

Poking Fun at Modern-Day ‘Spirituality’ Part 2

Successfully dating spiritual people has been impossible until NOW! Here is another funny spoof video by JP Sears that will help you understand how to better communicate with a spiritual person in the dating scene