The Greatest Thing I’ve Never Written

We seek to steady ourselves with egocentric pursuits in a futile effort to separate from the herd and disappear into it simultaneously…we expand outwardly and separately away from one another, in a constant state of uncontrollable motion and eternal chaos, grasping for one another in the darkness as we furtively conceal ourselves behind masks of guilt, ego and shame. What is it that has you running circles inside your head? Do you even know anymore?

Mandala Series Part I: History and Cross-Cultural Use of the Mandala

From a historical, anthropological and purely aesthetic point of view, the mandala is a complex instrument that has been used for centuries by peoples of various cultures worldwide. Though the use of the mandala, its purpose, meaning, symbolism, and overall aesthetic vary drastically from culture to culture, the underlying intention of the mandala as representation of the self seems to be universal.

Theoretical Orientation

The three predominant theories that are most personally relevant to Art Therapy Girl are: Analytical Psychotherapy, Existential Psychotherapy and Gestalt Therapy. Each of these three therapies is unique, yet all are unified by common ideologies. A brief description of each theoretical orientation will follow (the content is still being generated). What is Analytical Psychology? Analytical…


We are all in the process not of becoming but reclaiming what inherently is within us. Oftentimes, we become bogged down with daily life and lose sight of what we already know to be true. We lose touch with ourselves and our connection to others as part of the divine whole. We forget that the…