Blindsided: The Players in the White T-Shirts

When we catch a glimpse of a person that isn’t in alignment with who we think that person is, or who we’ve convinced ourselves they are to us, we make adjustments to our perception of their behavior and our understanding of said person’s character until they are in harmony once again. This is a form of denial that, in its own rite, is likely a subconscious attempt at self-preservation in order to avoid a painful truth.

Tell me what you see #7 (Before & After)

I think the more detailed, patterned images like these are more difficult to discuss, as the repetitious design is so overpowering that any perceived meaning may be lost. What do you think? Tell me what you see in this image: P.S. This type of doodle is an example of the mini-mandalas that I find I am inclined to…

The Lesson Lies in Your Perception

Originally posted on A Life That you LOVE :
Very often we come across situations in life or people that make us ask, “Why is this happening to me??!” Well, there is always a lesson to be learned… and the lesson lies in your perception. How you perceive a situation or a person is the answer…