A Much-Needed Serendipitous Excerpt from a Random Book

In the ultimate “Hail Mary Pass” to get me out of my own cycle of repetitious thinking, the Universe simply plopped a book at my feet containing a passage for me to read that would correct my course and steer me in the “right” direction.

A Short History of the Word ‘Serendipity’

Originally posted on Interesting Literature:
The curious origins behind one of Britain’s favourite words – and its link to Gothic fiction The word ‘serendipity’ was invented on 28 January 1754. It was one of two literary creations by its inventor, Horace Walpole, that would achieve widespread popularity. Indeed, both inventions are still with us: when…

We are The Universe Made Manifest

We are all part of a singular consciousness of which the Universe is comprised. Together, we are living separate lives that provide an opportunity for the Universe to view itself in all its various stages of existence; in love and fear, in joy and sorrow, in life and death. We are the living, breathing Cosmos; We are the Universe made manifest.


We are all in the process not of becoming but reclaiming what inherently is within us. Oftentimes, we become bogged down with daily life and lose sight of what we already know to be true. We lose touch with ourselves and our connection to others as part of the divine whole. We forget that the…